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With the continued rise of mobile handset applications, it is now a necessity to include this in your advertising and productivity budgets. Whether you need an app to run on iPhone, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry or need to convert your static web pages into a functional web application, Gizbitz has the talent and experience.

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Starting your own business is hard work. Setting up a web site for your portfolio or online store shouldn't distract you from...well....your business. At Gizbitz, we specialize in working with commercial startups in getting their business online efficiently and effectively.

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Don't just take our word. Please visit our customer sites.

We take pride in our work and efforts to develop solutions for your business. Here are just a few of the sites that we have developed for our customers who are now friends and partners. These sites feature some of the most requested features. Click on the images to see some full page examples or click on the customer name to visit their live web site.


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Photography is an art. Much like web design. At, you will glimpse various photographic works, that showcase David Smith's passion for photography. David needed to redesign his website with one focus in mind, to have his work stand out and take center stage. By taking his photos and with a little help with Adobe Flash, we created a simple yet effective site to bring his photos to life. Check out his site and his work. At Gizbitz, we can bring your site to life as well.
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Building Dreams Ranch

BDR needed a web site up and running before they had their programs in operation. What they needed was a way to communicate their dreams in providing a place of healing for adused and neglected children. Through this communication, they reach out for volunteers and donations for the realization of their program. At this time the BDR site takes a simple approach in layout and gives them the freedom to update it on their own using Adobe Contribute CS3.
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Morning Star Church Golf Tournament

An annual fundraiser to help the local Habitat For Humanity and their own Volunteers In Mission, MSC requested an online golf registration site. The site includes information on event as well as a registration page complete with all the usual golfing information. Registrants could choose start times, purchase mulligans, input multiple players as well as a have a choice of donated gift items. The registration form linked to Google Checkout to complete the purchase.